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SusGren is a trans-boundary Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to the conservation of the coastal and marine environment and sustainable livelihoods for the people in the Grenadine Islands between Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We focus on strengthening civil society partners so that they can better participate in bringing about change that is equitable and lasting.

Our core activites include: training workshops, small project support, attachments and exchanges, networking and awareness, linking activities of the two governments and external donors in the Grenadines by facilitating project development and implementation with the engagement of local groups.

“SusGren is the hub of a network of civil society organizations in the Grenadines. Our mission is to empower the people of the Grenadines to make wise use of their natural resources through environmental education and stewardship-building, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and strengthening of civil society organizations.”

We see the Grenadines as a place comprising sustainable livelihoods with equity for the people through good governance, optimal utilization and conservation of resources and enhancement of human capacity (empowerment) using participatory integrated sustainable development processes.

“The Grenadines is a place of abundant healthy natural resources managed by resilient interconnected island communities.”

SusGren's Program Areas

Junior Rangers Program

Junior Rangers Program

Junior Rangers Program

Junior Rangers Program

SusGren’s work in the Grenadines focuses on 6 different areas that contribute to our long-term vision:
“Civil society organizations and individuals in the Grenadines will be applying enhanced capacity and motivation to manage natural resources wisely, resulting in measurable outcomes for environmental health and biodiversity conservation, sustainability of livelihoods and climate resilience.”
These program areas include:
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