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CMBP Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Management of SIOBMPA

MMA personnel (Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area – SIOBMP) manager, two wardens and an Outreach Officer) were hired under CMBP continued to perform core MMA functions to improve the management effectiveness of SIOBMPA, including enforcement, revenue collection, park maintenance (trash removal), and education and outreach. Wardens continued to conduct patrols during all daylight hours, compared with only six hours per day prior to the addition of the new wardens hired under CMBP. Based on anecdotal evidence, the deterrent effect of the wardens’ presence appears to have resulted in decreased illegal fishing within the MPA. Increased patrol effort has certainly had a positive effect on MPA revenues. Wardens also continued to collect trash from beaches and vegetation on Sandy Island, and from the mangroves in Lauriston Bay. The backlog of trash in these areas has been removed and the MPA is now “in maintenance mode” with respect to this activity, keeping the areas free from trash that continues to accumulate. As a result of this activity, the biophysical condition of these areas is improved. 


Carriacou. Grenada

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Last modified: June 3, 2021