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Civil Society Strengthening & Stewardship Building

Civil Society Strengthening & Stewardship Building

Many community-based organizations throughout the Grenadines have goals that are harmonized with SusGren’s vision and mission. Supporting these organizations to become more efficient and effective will enable them to achieve more outcomes that reflect our shared goals. Capacity can be built through training programs and mentorship tailored to address the needs of organizations. Stewardship is about empowering stakeholders to play an active role in sustaining natural resources. It is about behaviours—or actions—that people take, individually (e.g. a fisherman throwing back undersized fish) or collectively (e.g. local residents organizing a coastal clean-up). There are plenty of people who would take action to protect the environment with the right encouragement, and stewardship programs can mobilize them. SusGren will focus on mobilizing people for action to protect the environment, fostering widespread changes in behaviour to benefit environmental health, and stewardship of geographic areas with high socio-ecological value.

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